Saturday, October 09, 2004

Session Update #4

Hey Soul Mates,
just got back with Bryan and Dennis from Smartso. We watched a few innings of the Dodger game together before they took off. Poor Doug is home with a cold. Get well soon, Dogg.

The sessions were very productive today. We cleaned up vocal mistakes and added some nice harmonies to Excommunication, Fall Out & Saffron Dancer. Tried a couple of ideas for Excommunication that may wind up in the final mix. Dennis doubled one of his vocal parts on the end of Saffron. I added a harmony to that song, too. After that, we listened to Majestic Rejection and discussed arrangement ideas. I will work on some keyboard and piano parts to sweeten the track. Then we'll add all of the vocals. Richard was also suggesting that we record a cover. Hmmm... I have to think of something good that you all would be jazzed to hear us do.

Richard, we found out, worked with Santana as an engineer/mixer on an album in the 80's. See my previous blog for my thoughts on Santana.
Have a great Saturday. Go Dodgers. Go Rush Hour Soul.

Love, Power, Peace


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