Friday, October 29, 2004

Date Set For Debut

Hey Soul Mates,
we have a date set for our debut. The gracious Russell Wiener of Pillow Of Wrongness has signed us on for the bill at the GIG, Hollywood for 8:30 PM Weds. 1 Dec. Mark your calendars.
Time for Rush Hour Soul!

This should be a fun show on a fun night. There will be Free Tickets distributed to members of the fan club, so make sure you have signed up. After those tickets have been claimed, the remaining Free Tickets will be distributed at random. So contact me, if you want to see the show!
How often is there a FREE night anywhere in Hollywood anymore. Don't miss this opportunity.

We are very excited and know that the scene will take notice of our opening show.
Be there with us!
Love, Power, Peace.

And if you get a chance this weekend, go see "Ray." Tremendous performance by Jamie Foxx and a slew of great actors; and you get to hear that music coming outta huge speakers. Breathtaking. Heartbreaking. Earthshaking.


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