Monday, October 25, 2004

Note To Self.

Always. Always. Always.
Know the words to your song before you go on national TV. It's bad enough that Ashlee Simpson was exposed as a fraud for singing to a track on SNL, but then she couldn't even recover and sing the song at all. Worst, she blamed her hired band who smirked after she "hoe-downed" off the stage. May this be a watershed moment and mark the decline of this blight on American Culture.

Love, Power, Peace.
And to quote Roger Daltrey, once again, "Gimme a bum note and a bead of sweat."

Greatest Simpsons in American history (descending order):
Astronaut Alan Simpson
Animated star Bart Simpson
Atlanta Braves announcer Joe Simpson
Animated couple Marge & Homer Simpson
American Congressman from Idaho, Mike Simpson
Animated, not bad, just drawn that way, Jessica Simpson
Animated octogenarian Grandpa Simpson
All-American, acquitted murder suspect O.J. Simpson
and last and definitely least ...
Abomination and musical aberration Ashlee Simpson


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