Wednesday, January 18, 2012

That's A Wrap!

Monday, on King Day, I had my final recording session at Karma Frog. It was a wild adventure making this album. There is still mixing (which my producer Adam Marsland is also handling) and mastering to go. But here's a recap of what we hath wrought.

The session focused on backing vocals and a little ad libbed spice. We polished off five tracks with some wild results. Vocalist Teresa Cowles joined us midway through the day so that we could manage some live three part harmonies; as well as a poignant counterpoint duet on Huckleberry Finn. One of my favorite moments of the entire deal, sitting right next to Lady T in the studio to put down that vocal. I am persistently moved by that song each time I hear it. I had been joking about Eddie Murphy's riff on Michael Jackson crying in the studio. Of course, then I get misty listening to the playback. Oh, irony.

Prior to that Adam gave me a little stage direction and room to create and I invented some new scat vocal parts for the bridge and the coda of the title track, So Sophisticated. Much to our musical delight.

The most rigorous vocal was the last chorus of the album for the song A Miracle Is On The Way. The last part just wasn't satisfying and I realized that I needed to channel Martin Fry and do a full-throated finale, not my trademark falsetto to ride off into the sunset. It still took Adam to convince me that it was the right performance. That's what producers are for, not to say "yes" to every whim of the artist. Ha ha.

Also, I finally determined which episode of Parks and Recreation features my composition, U Had The $. It is the show entitled Fancy Party from Season 3. It is available through iTunes and Hulu. So check it out. Starting around the seven-minute mark, you will hear it playing at the party for several minutes. Super cool to watch Amy Poehler and hear my song. Super cold!

So for the next few days, I will be listening to Adam's mixes to get a handle on the finished recording. We are accelerating so that I can release a single in March. I will announce shortly what I have selected. You are going to dig this entire album; but there are some truly special moments that I cannot wait to share with you.

Peace & Disco Beats.


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