Monday, January 09, 2012

Hendershotts Across The Bow

Tonight, I had a great collaborative meeting with Adam and Sylvia Hendershott who will be photographing the album cover for So Sophisticated. I am excited to be working with such artistic people. The project is motoring along nicely. We listened through parts of the new record; rapped about some favorite album artwork; drank some Folger's. I made a wisecrack about doing an album cover using only Instagram and Adam H. snapped a shot that is straight-up David Ruffin. Brilliant. Ha ha. Not only did we discuss the LP cover and what we want to accomplish, we began preliminary talks for a music video to coincide with the album release. Several different groups have approached me about videos; I look forward to working with all of you. Anyway, I am preparing for a March release at this point; just to make sure all facets are joined and shiny.

This morning, I got to hear an early mix of "Saffron Dancer" and the horns! Oh, my. In a word: COLD! The horns come blasting through. Adam (Marlsand) recorded and mixed them very effectively. Of course, Messers. Davis and Williams did some sublimely dynamite work. I can't wait to share these tracks with you.

The final recording session at Karma Frog will be on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. I think that's an appropriate occasion to celebrate and finish the album. The last session will entail putting down the remaining backing vocals. I am pleased to announce that the Urbane Hobos have been brought into the studio to do backgrounds and have been recruited for the last session as well. Adam M. does have a bit of trouble keeping them from laughing over each take; but it is worth it to work with them.

Tomorrow night, I will be joining Adam M. and his band for his next '70s show at Cinema Bar in W. Los Angles. It's a night of free entertainment, your favorite and some obscure covers from the 1970s. Not to be missed. Hit this link (The Return of Adam's '70s Show) for the show info! I hope to see you there.

Time to turn in, perhaps another cup of tea and a little reading.



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