Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine

I have been having plenty of trouble with MySpace. I can barely log on without the site crashing my computer. Or without spyware leeching through the pages. I hope that if any of you are visiting me via MySpace that you are not encountering these problems. It's been very frustrating as you might imagine. Anyway, you should still be able to check out the song samples and leave comments there. It might take me a while to respond, but that's why.

Right now, I'm listening to Handel's Water Music. Nice and relaxing. I'm hopeful that the worst of the Summer heat is done. There's a cool wind refreshing NoHo. Between the high temps and food poisoning last week, I was done right in. Thanks again to everyone for their prayers and well-wishing.

Tonight, I attended a nice function at church. Dining on grilled hot dogs and crock pot chili. After dinner al fresco, a bunch of us watched August Rush. A very nicely done fable about an orphan who is a musical prodigy. August believes if enough people hear his music that his real parents will be able to find him. Suitable for all ages, obviously (it was church, people). But it does feature Robin Williams channeling the villainous Finnigan from Dickens' Oliver Twist.

What else is new? Well, with Tiger out of action, I'm making my move! I've returned to golf for the first time in over 20 years. Been hitting the driving range. I'm not planning on playing in the British Open. But I'm hoping to get onto an 18 hole course by the beginning of August. It's been fun getting back in to the swing. Literally. It's like learning from scratch. The first couple of times I went to the range, I was trying to bash the ball. My approach was all wrong. But I've loosened up and have started hitting fairly straight.

OK, MySpace is still giving my PC fits. I need to concentrate on a solution.

Have a great week, all.

Peace & Summer Breeze


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