Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Maidstone's A Hit

Hey Y'all,
thanks to everyone who came to the Zebra for our show tonight. And thanks to the Foxes who lent us gear. Foxes, you rock. The Zebra is a nice large venue and I had fun time playing there. No matter what the circumstances (like a huge football match), I'm bringing it. Special thanks to those who bought CDs. Enjoy the music! Also, thanks to Sue, James and the staff of the Zebra. What a gift to be able to come here to perform. And Sterke and Astro really brought their A Game. A beautiful night.

For those of you coming to the Liverpool shows, spoiler alert.

Here's tonight's set list:

Fall Out
U Had The $
Everyone's Ingenue
I Can't Cry For You
Everything My Heart Desires
Coming Up
A Talent For Loving

I plan on inserting a few different songs in the set the next few shows.

Prior to the show, we visited Leeds Castle a few miles up the road. It was serene and amazing. A thousand year old piece of property with some of the most beautiful landscape ever. The falconry demonstration has me rethinking my career choices. Ha ha.

Tomorrow I'm heading north. See you in Liverpool. And I highly recommend that you check out the Foxes while you are Merseyside. They will also be playing IPO.

Peace & Love


Blogger George said...

Oh, my. Coming Up? WOW! In the middle of all of your best songs!?!Dude, that's killer! Paulie would be proud you thought enough of his music to place it among the best jams of the year! And I wish I were there to see it and hear it all. Love the music, my friend.

Oh, what it must have been like watching football where football-is-life. From my easy chair in DC it was spectacular. While preparing for the big show, it must have been unbelievable. Peace...

-Numero Dos
(Who'd want to be saddled with the Number 2 Monnikker all his life?)

9:15 AM, May 22, 2008  

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