Friday, May 23, 2008

Less Lost In Liverpool

Hey Everyone,
we are safely in Liverpool. I only took proper turns today in Liverpool. Directly to the hotel. Which was good. I made several errant turns in Oxford this afternoon, where we stopped to visit Christ Church College (a part of the University).

CCC is where several scenes for the first two Harry Potter movies were shot (specifically in the great hall and it's staircase). The school property and it's inhabitants also inspired Lewis Carroll to write Alice In Wonderland. Also, the college's cathedral was used as a place of worship by John Wesley, who formed the Methodists. The church is also the resting place of John Locke; the actual John Locke, not the character from Lost. Time did not permit a visit to Magdalene College where Tolkien & CS Lewis wrote most of their land mark works.

Upon our rainy arrival, Astro and I walked over to the Cavern Club to check out the scene. The place was packed. That's a great sign for the International Pop Overthrow Fest. Ran into the SparklejetsUK before their set. They sounded really good. We also went across the street to visit the Cavern Pub, my venue tomorrow night: more intimate and very warm (temperature-wise).

Gotta get some sleep. It was a long day of driving through the Midlands. My hand is cramping and I'm falling asleep as I type. Hope to see some of you tomorrow. The shows at the Cavern Pub and the Cavern Club are FREE! And make sure to follow us back to the Cavern Club to check out the Foxes (Friday).

Peace and Discobeats


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