Thursday, August 09, 2007

Overboard For Aubergine (New Pix)

Hey Soul Mates,
here are the first pictures of the band out of it's cocoon. The chrysalis called the Rush Hour Soul by the cognoscenti. We start with the beginning and the end of our show Saturday at the Alterknit Lounge.

If you've been to our myspace page, you've seen the new head shot. We had a photo shoot in the beautiful NoHo subway. Ah, home turf. Official photos by Patty Tokahuta as usual. My Mom caught the candid shot of Bryan and me laughing about Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The ladies were trying to decide if I was in purple or aubergine. Ha ha. And yes, the clothes were cleaned between the show and the shoot.

Above and beyond, I want to give a special shoutout and thanks to our Superdog, Doug. Thanks for being brilliant on and lovely throughout. All credit where it's due. Those beats, those beats! We will miss you, but you'll always be in our hearts.

True believers, the globe is about to know about Rush Hour Soul.
As the Jacksons once posed that musical question: Can you feel it?
Love, Power, Peace


Blogger George said...

I actually saw that video in its entirety 4 the first time on th Thriller VHS lo' those years ago. If u r reading this right after reading Norm's last rhetorical question at the end of this blog, you'll understand. I am so proud of u guys. Much love 2 Doug. Much love 2 Brian. Norm... u da man. And u know how 2 read dat! And the Fallout download is wearing out my iPod! I cannot wait 4 the new disc 2 drop!

12:54 PM, August 10, 2007  

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