Sunday, August 12, 2007

Are You Ready For Some...


Hey Soul Mates,
just checking in on a beautiful, sunny Sunday. North Hollywood is actually restful today. In case you hadn't heard football season is almost upon us. American football that is. The Browns won a close preseason game last night in Cleveland. I'm wringing the Internet for analysis on the game. Certainly wasn't on TV. And as I told my Dad yesterday, I don't expect to see the Browns on TV at all this season (Sporting News' predicted finish 3-13. Ouch). Doesn't mean I won't be rooting for them and wearing the Orange and Brown. I usually spend Sunday mornings "watching" the play-by-play on the computer. Kind of like Football-by-Telegraph. That's the 21st Century!

In band news, we have begun our quest for a logo. Something nice and sharp that will represent RHS. I've tried my hand at graphic design and only got so far. Time for professionals! We've been in contact with the good folks at
Alphabet Arm. Check out their handiwork. Pretty stylish.

Letting loose the reins of certain aspects of RHS is crucial for me. I have worn myself in to the ground at times, playing webmaster, bassist, accountant, referee, merchandiser, travel agent, Indian Chief, etc. Simply for the love of the band. But I'm learning to delegate. Must allow others to work. This is a business after all.

Love, Power, Peace


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