Friday, January 12, 2007

We Have A Dream

Hey Soul Mates,
you know what you all have in common with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr? You are the embodiment of his dream (and ours). Our audience is filled with people of all colors and races: Asian, White, Black, Latino (just like it says in the song!). You represent different faiths: Protestants, Catholics, Buddhists, Jews, Muslims; coming from all sorts of walks of life. And there you are at our shows, proving to the universe that people can come together. We don't think of ourselves as liberators or philosophers. We're just entertainers, but we are pleased to the max that humankind is well-represented by the Soul Mates.

As you know, Rush Hour Soul is diverse. And tonight, all of this will be on bright display at our show at the Good Hurt. So come on down and put Dr. King's dream to full effect, brothers and sisters! If we don't see you at the show, we hope you have a peaceful 3 day weekend and that you'll find time in your own way to celebrate all that Dr. King stood for.

Love, Power, Peace!


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