Saturday, January 13, 2007

Soul In Full Effect [Show Recap]

Hey Soul Mates,
thanks to all the dancers that invaded the floor last night. What a crowd. The
Good Hurt was packed to the veritable rafters, too. Despite the mind-numbingly glacial traffic on the 405 everyone in the band (and the fans) arrived in time for the show. Even L.A. gridlock can be overcome when there's good times on the line.

First of all, props to our photog, Patty who's pro camera was broken at the start of the show. It was shaken off of an amplifier. We're very sorry it happened, but as a result she wound up videotaping the whole set. We are pleased to tell you that once we've screened the footage tonight, we will start posting clips on youtube. But as a result there are only a handful of extant pictures and I'm having trouble posting them in my blog. Suppose it wasn't meant to be.

The set was heavy on the fun and the funk. We were hitting it on the ones. Whipping up the crowd into a frenzy with the double-groove whammy of Fall Out and Roosevelt's Revue. And ladies, if you like Roosevelt now, wait till you here how he sounds coming from the studio!

After a few more numbers, Rush Hour Soul broke new ground by having our first guest artist appear on stage with us. For the ballad Done Lost My Mind, soul singer Mondo Fowler duetted with me and she brought down the hizzy, as Doug says. I've known Mondo for years, but had lost touch with her. The minute I saw her at a Festivus party last month, I knew I had to get her to sing with us. She was entirely fierce, she looked great and sounded even better. It was cool to pull off such a short notice vocal collaboration, but that's us. Grace under pressure. We hope we'll all being hearing more from Ms. Fowler in the future.

We rocked out in the second half of the set with Supermodels and I Can't Cry For You, another hit in waiting. And closed with A Talent For Loving. Even strangers were singing along by the time we ended the set. Gratifying. I'm ever grateful that people are entertained by our music and performance. And when the dancefloor is too full to dance, that shows us that we are on our way up. As I mentioned in my last blog, I think Dr. King would be pleased by the diversity of our audience. And the fact that you all have rhythm helps. Ha ha. You were truly a beautiful crowd and loud, too.

Final thoughts on the night. I chipped my one real front tooth on the mic. That's a little bit of a bummer. But, the sound at the Good Hurt was clean! And I think everyone (girls included) had glowing comments about the "naughty nurse" tending bar. Hey, if you have to have an m.o. like that, the Good Hurt certainly picked a good gimmick. The band may do our CD release show there in April/May. So keep watching for the heads up. Thanks to the Good Hurt for having us last night. And thanks to all of our supporters. Now, it's off to the studio with Adam Marsland for us.

Set List:
Fall Out (For James Brown)
Roosevelt's Revue
Everyone's Ingenue
U Had The $
Done Lost My Mind
with special guest vocalist Mondo Fowler
Supermodels With Gatling Guns
I Can't Cry For You
Everything My Heart Desires
A Talent For Loving

Oh, yes, we'd like to welcome David Beckham to Los Angeles. Nice of him to transplant himself about the time we'll be going over there. This city's not big enough for Becks and RHS... yet! I'm also looking forward to reading the eulogies in new Rolling Stone with James Brown on the cover. There's lots of band "work" to do this weekend. We are sending promos over to our handler in the UK; Micah's birthday bash is tonight; gotta work on fixing the camera; watching the video from last night's show and playoff football!

Have a great three day weekend.
Love, Power, Peace


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like Pink Floyd said, wish we were there... or something like that. Trey said, "U know Becks needed to be closer to the real stars of RHS!" Plus, he'll need a photographer, and a new black box may be forthcoming. Maybe he'll rent a house from Carlos Boozer and complain about the prior occupant's paint job. I am "Anonymous" in this blog, but I am who you know... and I cannot wait 4 the new RHS disc. Love you guys. The locks of the week: Road teams in the AFC. Home teams in the NFC. Go Hoyas - Beat Pitt! Peace!

12:03 PM, January 13, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let the record show, there were "locks" and there was a single wish for our Hoyas in that prior Blog, baby. Locks are locks, and they will come through. Troy Brown for Mayor of Foxboro! Antonio Who? Rush Hour Soul rocks! And Marty left Cleveland cuz they didn't want him anymore. Peace!

6:38 PM, January 14, 2007  

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