Friday, November 03, 2006

Rush Hour Soul's Thriller At The Gig [Show Recap]

Hey Soul Mates,
thanks to everyone who made it out to our show last night. It was blazing. Literarily. The stage was so hot, we each lost 15 pounds performing. The Gig was packed with the hottest clientele in Los Angeles.

Our set was preceded by a screening of our video, A Talent For Loving. As the curtain rose we launched into a blistering version of Fall Out. Bryan and I rocking the S-curls, Doug twirling his sticks. Yow! But no jumping tonight. Oh, that hip.

Mostly a fast-paced set, we slowed only once to perform our ballad Done Lost My Mind, which was dedicated to the lovely Mrs. Soontaree Simms. A truly joyful moment. The highlight for many was the unexpected cover song we performed at the end of the set. I won't tell you what we did, although there is a clue in this blog title, you'll just have to watch the free
webcast from the Gig up now! You will see how hot it was on stage.

Set list:
Fall Out
U Had The $
Done Lost My Mind (for Soontaree)
Down By Love
I Can't Cry For You
A Talent For Loving
Surprise Cover (debut)
This is a song I've wanted to perform live my entire life. I think we did it justice.

The Gig is such a wonderful place to play. Great staff and great sound. We hope you all enjoyed the show and that you'll continue to enjoy it via the webcast.

Have a great Friday all.
Love, Power, Peace


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