Sunday, November 12, 2006

Borat and Pirates: Cultural Booty

Jagshemash, Soul Mates!
Last night, we had an L.A. adventure. Spent the evening in a part of town that is not usually on my radar. Los Feliz!

First, it was moviefilm times at the Vista on Sunset. Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Kazakhstan was the feature. It was preceded by a Pink Panther short, "Pinto Pink." I can't remember the last time I saw a cartoon in front of an R rated movie, if ever. Haven't seen the Pink Panther in years, period. The Vista is a beautiful, small (one-screen) theater, done up in a faux Egyptian motif. Lots of leg room in all of the aisles. Plus, a curtain that covers the screen until showtime.
Borat was simply hysterical. I will tell you nothing about the film except to say: wrestling. Oh, but it made me miss Tom Green. Where's your movie at, Tom? One of the nicest things about the Vista was it's inexpensive ticket price: $8 American for an adult at night. Wow, that's the cost of an adult ticket for most matinees around town. And the Vista's popcorn rocks (and I would know)!

Borat: A-Pluses for gradings moviefilm! It's nice.

After the movie, it was up Vermont to the Electric Lotus for some very nice curry. After all, curries are being proven to prolong your smarts and brain power. Sounds good to me. The ambiance of the Electric Lotus messed with my depth perception, but it was still cool. The clientele seemed to be Silverlake hipster types for the most part along with L.A.'s resident younger Indian crowd. An interesting mix. I must recommend the cheese & olive naan to anyone who goes.

Tonight, I was thrilled at the bookstore. My reading is usually nonfiction: autobiographies, biographies, interviews, histories, pamphlets, cereal box sides. But tonight, right there on the first table, like it was waiting for me was the latest installment in
Gideon DeFoe's Pirates! series. I'm pretty sure they aren't nonfiction. I hope so anyway.

I don't bother with those Caribbean pirates. DeFoe's are much more amusing and this time they are in an adventure with
Communists! Sure to be fun for the entire proletariat. It's helpful for me that DeFoe's volumes are short so I can actually finish a novel. See? He entertains and makes me feel good about myself. That's an artiste or at least an opportunist. I pray that his books are never turned into movies.

Have a great week everyone. We hope to announce our next show date this week.
Love, Power, Peace


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