Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A Whole Lotta Thoughts

Hey Soul Mates,
wow, what a great response we are getting from our new British friends on MySpace. In only 2 weeks time, we have added nearly 300 new friends who are all excited about seeing us perform in the UK! From L.A. With Love, indeed! We can't wait to get over there to play for you. Only two months till the throwdown in yo' town!

Last night, we went to an advanced screening of Inside Man, Spike Lee's new joint. It's a heist thriller. Just about my favorite genre. I'll recommend it, for sure. I always enjoy Spike's work, even when he's off pace. But in this case, it's crackerjack. Denzel and Clive Owen work well together. Shame Clive couldn't be the new Bond.

All right, the band is getting a big kick outta the new V-dub ads with Peter Stormare. "Oh, Znap!!" If you haven't seen them yet, seek them out on or the like. Watch Peter looking like the lost member of Kraftwerk "drop it like eet's hhhot" and try not to laugh.

March Madness is at my place! And my Hoyas are in the Sweet 16 for the first time in years. Represent! Wish I could be in Minneapolis for the game on Friday. Funny, because the Hoyas played Ohio State (old homestate team #1) and now they face UF (old homestate team #2). But watch out for 7-foot Roy. He's the mack!

Enough of my stream of consciousness writing. We have another gig confirmation to announce. This time we're at the Arches in Barnsley on 31 May with our new friends SUPERfreak (from Barnsley). That's worth reporting.

Have a groovy Thursday, y'all. Gotta go. Lost is on in a few.
Love, Power, Peace


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