Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Beatles On The Brain

Hey Soul Mates,
Happy Christmas Week.

When I was in college, my dormmates used to tell me that all the time: You've got Beatles on the brain. Not a day went by in school that I didn't listen to a Beatles record or three. Well, it had been a while since I inundated my mind with Fabness. But the month of December has been a real throwback. It started slowly with the McCartney concert and the anniversary of Lennon's death. Then I got sick. And being home in bed, I got to watch a lot of TV. I thought I would catch up on some things lent to me including Let It Be. Over the course of a long weekend, I watched:
The Beatles First US Visit and all the bonus materials
Anthology discs 2-4
A Hard Day's Night, disc 2 supplements and interviews
The Beatles promotional videos
Let It Be
How I Won The War

Now, I'm working my way through the music. I hadn't listened to Beatles For Sale in years. All of my Beatles discs were just gathering dust. Having completed my collection long ago. It's been a blast revisiting their music in semi-chronological order. I also have a soft spot for Beatle Muzak and have been listening to those discs as well.

The Fab Four is where my musical education began. In fact, I'm certain I learned to read by following the lyrics on the back of the Sgt. Pepper LP. It's impossible to really describe what impact their music has had on my life. So, I'm not gonna try. I'm just going to throw With The Beatles and Past Masters Vol. 2 in the backpack and head to work.
Love, Power, Peace


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