Monday, June 27, 2005

New Live Shots

Hey Soul mates,
after a week, I've finally gotten the live photos up from our last show at the Gig. It took some extra work this time. I'm not sure why? All this technology and it's hard to get digital pictures to look on screen the way they look as raw files. Hope you like them. Man, now blogger has changed the way you attach photos here and this thing is hard to maneuver. Anyway, you can see us in our cold sweat in our cold threads!! Click the picture when you are ready.

The back is doing a little better today. Which is good.

The sessions yesterday went well into the evening. We tackled the mix on A Talent For Loving first. That went pretty smoothly. Chris had some good ideas already mapped out for it. Then we went through Done Lost My Mind. That song was the easiest for everyone involved. Very solid vocal takes throughout. Then we spent a good deal of time on Down By Love, which required some overdubs and lots of vocal layers that we Bryan and I came up with on the spot. Thank God, Chris is patient. There are still a few issues with each track, but I'd say the mixes are at 80%. And that's certainly a far cry from where we were 36 hours ago.

I spent a solid hour listening to the tracks this afternoon. You have to step away from them for a while. Listen to them sporadically, then immerse yourself by repeating a track about 10-12 times. Only that way can you really get inside it and be sure about all the parts. To quote a favorite source of amusement: It's hard work.

Hopefully, I'll have the energy tomorrow to post the fashion photos from our shoot 3 weeks ago. As you can see, I've updated my profile here with an outtake from the sessions. Love those stripes.

Have a good Tuesday!
Love, Power, Peace


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