Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Video Update

Hey Soul Mates,
just checking in to get you the latest on the Greatest. Editing has begun on our first feature length music video for "Excommunication." The men from Commondeer are putting their noses to the editing bays. We are hoping to have a premier party the first week of October and we are in the midst of scheduling our first RHS shows. The premier may be at one of the venues on the Citywalk @ Universal. We want an all ages place with ample video display capabilities.

Did you have a nice Labor Day weekend? Hope so. My brother, Nate was in town. We went to see Nascar out in Fontucky. It was scorching here in L.A. Of course, we have family back east dealing with the hurricanes, so I won't actually complain. The race was great. Anyone watch it on TV? My favorite driver, Matt Kenseth didn't do too hot, but it's fun to see a race in person. I wouldn't mind a chance to go 180 mph in a circle. I'm sure some would say I already do.

Finally, I'm updating the main page for the website to make it more useful, easier to download and navigate. All for now.

Love, Power, Peace!


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