Sunday, September 12, 2004

Feelin' like a Star Child

Ah, the Mothership Connection.
Just listening to a little inspiring music to get on the good foot. The boys are coming over tonight (well, all except Dennis who's got a Softball Championship game to play) for a collabo session. I've been working on lots of new material. Got a couple of ballads ("Done Lost My Mind," "Next July") and some uptempo lyrics written. It'll help to have Doug here to give texture to the beats. Makes it easier to create on the fly. We are also working up a piece of Bryan's called "Step Inside The Soul." We want to have all kinds of new and funky things for you to dance to at the first Rush Hour Soul show.

The last of the pictures from filming went up this afternoon. Check them out. Also posted cast credits for the video. Editing continues next week. Our director Asiel Norton had to visit his Father who is ill. Sending healthy vibes to the Norton's. Much love, Asiel.

Finally, spent part of this morning at a local watering hole watching my Browns beat the Ravens. That was nice and made for an enjoyable day. I still have on my Browns shirt and cap.
Congrats to Jeff Garcia on his first win for the Browns. Cleveland must be feeling pretty good. I'm not sure the Browns have solved their running game, but the defense shut down Jamaal Lewis, who made us look like chumps last season. And Kenard Lang... 3 sacks... what more can I say? It's said that Spring is the time for renewal. But I also like the way football season kicks off the second half of the year. The air feels a little crisper (even though it hit 95 today here in L.A.); the holidays can't be too far away (just go to Target and see the Christmas decorations); and there's a golden cast to the sky (or is it poor air quality). I'll take the plusses. And as of right now, the Browns are in first! And I don't start school tomorrow!

Time to set up my amp and dust off the piano.
Love, Power, Peace


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