Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cruising Toward Albumdom

Today, we wrapped guitar parts for the LP. Bryan Farrar added his rock and roll axe to "Supermodels With Gatling Gun." He also put down wah-wah tracks for the album closer "A Miracle Is On The Way" and the ballad "Our Love Is Known By Name." While we were listening to playback of "Miracle" I kept thinking about how much fun this record will be for dancing.

Last week, we passed the 100 hour mark in studio time. I looked back at the notes on my lyric sheets and saw that it was four months ago today that I arrived at the rearrangement of "Miracle." Time has flown; but this has truly been the most fun and satisfying album recording experience for me yet. Matched only by the session for the single of "A Talent For Loving" at Monnow Valley.

My producer Adam said that their are moments that the record channels everything good about 1979. I'll take that. On facebook, I put up a post asking, "Who has roller skates?" It's that kind of record. You will want to rock, roll, bounce and skate to this. I'm listening to some prelim mixes as I type. Adam has captured some wonderful performances and he's gotten a few new toys in the studio to sweeten the noises. No auto-tune, mind you. I'm also making a few adjustments to the track listing since we finished the basic tracks.

Tomorrow night, I will be back at Karma Frog with the Ladies of Chaos to record backing vocals for a mess of songs. I'm looking forward to that. I always enjoy singing with them on stage when we do covers with Adam (Bee Gees, Sly & The Family Stone, etc.). I will probably have one more solo session to do specific vocal flavoring and one more dedicated to the horns. Then it will be mixing and mastering.

As mentioned in a previous post, I am going to push back the release date for the CD. There is no time left in 2011 to get the record pressed, let alone organize the necessary record release shows and listening parties. This will give everyone something to anticipate for the New Year. And that way, you can use all of your gift cards to buy the record online after the holidays! This will also give me time to double-down for my return to the UK; and submit for domestic festivals and reviews.

I love all of my records, but this one really shines and there is still some polishing to do. I'm so anxious to share it with you! Dang, I'm listening to the waltz-time R&B torch song "Majestic Rejection" and it is blazing. Scorching vocal (if I do say so myself); outstanding New Orleans-inspired piano and amazing blues guitar from Adam and drumming from punk legend DJ Bonebrake. It will certainly vie for top instrumental performance on the LP. The Missus keeps saying we need to get this one to some of the choreographers on So You Think You Can Dance next season for some spotlight dances. Who has those contacts? Come on...

OK, y'all be cool and I'll report back tomorrow following the vocal session with the Ladies.



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