Sunday, June 05, 2011

The First Twenty Years

This week, June 1 precisely, marked the 20th anniversary of my arrival in Los Angeles. Hard to fathom, so much time has passed. There were plenty of times I felt like packing up and returning East, but I never did and I am thankful I made a go of it. I have had a fulfilling musical career thus far, and I haven't even peaked!

June 1 turned out to be a big day in music history as the legendary David Ruffin passed from an overdose. I didn't hear about it for a few days after the fact. I arrived from Florida via Orlando and Memphis. The drive from LAX to Pasadena was sensory overload. A special thanks to my friend Cara and her family for giving me an opportunity/start in Tinsel Town. The first 10 years were full of fits and starts. It truly took 15 years to figure out what I was doing and how to write a decent song.

I have played with several amazing bands and iterations thereof. I've collaborated with some very creative people. Been able to play all of the famous clubs in L.A. The city and the music scene have evolved dramatically since I got here. Almost none of the smaller venues exist anymore. A handful of my peers continue to pursue musical careers, too. I don't feel so old. Better still, I have made plenty of new musical friends through the Americana scene.

I will say this: the records people are making now are far superior to what was out in the Summer of '91. Not a lot of enduring music, but I have distinct memories of hearing "It Ain't Over Til It's Over" everywhere I went that first week in town. (Fortunately, artists have returned to using real instruments.) Hollywood Blvd. was a real hole then and Old Town Pasadena was years away from its renaissance; but Melrose Ave and Sunset provided lots of hangouts. My buddy Portner and I wasted many nights at the old Tower records on Sunset; singing karaoke at Clancy's in Glendale, etc.

I love L.A. It has provided me with a fun career, a great family and a multitude of memories and blessings. Here's to the next 20, City of Angels.

Peace & Disco Beats


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