Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dropping Science at Karma Frog

Hey Soul Mates,
we had a productive pretracking session last night that crossed over into today. No rapture, so Adam and I kept going. Three tracks were tackled for Monday's recording date with Kevin Jarvis on drums. All of them are collaborative works with my songwriting partner Bryan Farrar (formerly of Rush Hour Soul, currently of Hypnogaja).

The first, entitled "Rebound," I consider the musical sequel to "Down By Love." It's got Bryan's trademarks; fun chord changes, a well-placed bridge and soulful melodic solo. As a collaborator, he gives me a good palette to work with and lots of freedom to build my own melody and lyrical theme.

Then we worked on "A Miracle Is On The Way." "Miracle" received the workout the other night, when I rearranged it and hit a good formula to present one of my strongest hooks.

Finally, Adam and I fleshed out "So Sophisticated." This was the track I originally heard in my head as being the first cut on the album and probably the lead single. It has healthy competition with "She's My Go To" and "Miracle." When I started writing it, I wanted a Chic-vibe. But it has become a hiphop jazz inflected piece that is sho' to be a mover.

One song remains un-tracked; the first one I composed for this LP. Adam and I are discussing a radical presentation for the rhythm track. It will be an 80's style new wave R&B ballad. So watch out.

I know it is a brief run-down, but there will be more news on Monday.

Peace & Disco Beats


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