Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Not Morgan Freeman, But An Actual Black President

Wow. Barack's speech has given me more hope for America's future than any I've ever heard. Seeing President-Elect Obama with Joe Biden is beyond moving. We have a real blended family taking over on Pennsylvania Avenue. Finally, we're witnessing the American Dream. Obama is the perfect face for our country. Truly a world citizen.

Barack's address to Chicago and the nation was smooth and firm. Easily the most amazing speech I've heard in my life. It really felt like watching a movie with a charismatic thespian (like Mr. Freeman) playing the President. America is once again a land of opportunity for all. One of the New York Times editorials stated that the American Civil War ended tonight. There will still be struggles, but we can see that the tide has changed. A new generation has spoken and we're seeing a bold, new America unfold.
Looking at the previous 43 Presidents, now I get to see a face that looks like mine. Now, there is a President with an equally different middle name as myself. Finally, there is a brown face in charge. This is so energizing. There are many problems facing our nation. My prayer is that as a country, as humanity, we can live up to the promise of our choice of President. Not just because he's black, but because of what he represents. Sea change. I hope that we all can celebrate Obama's win and unite in a meaningful way to restore the economy, heal cultural wounds, help the needy and educate our youth.

Surreal. We will get to tell our grandchildren that a monumental shift occurred tonight. How cool is that? I'm so pleased that I got to share the evening with my family and friends. Thanks for the phone calls everyone. Time to watch the rest of the coverage. Sigh.



Blogger Wendy said...

It was magical. I laughed through the tears when he won. I've taken the kids with me to fund raisers, local DEC meetings and volunteer events for him already. They've studied his progress and discussed the campaign and its historical significance. They learned that it wasn't about electing him to make a point about race, but rather about not limiting a person because of it.

I needed them to see him and hear him in person though. Be moved by him in person. So I took the kids to his rally in Jacksonville the day before the election. We were in line at 5am, part of the first 100. Ashley-Paige stood front row center on the floor in front of Obama's podium, with Maverick and I just three people behind her. I needed her in particular to see this man.

Of course she is charmed, so he stopped and shook her hand and looked her right in the eyes and said "hello there". I asked her what she thought of his speech afterwards and she said "I think he's not a liar." Maverick said "He seemed to really want to do the job, not just win the election." Out of the mouths of babes. They looked at him through a child's unflinching eyes and believed in his sincerity.

Because of his belief that he could do it, because of his perseverance, and because of his accomplishment, my daughter will never in her lifetime feel that it is not possible to achieve the highest office in the land simply because of the color of her skin. For that alone I am so grateful to him.

He earned my vote because I truly believe he will be a great President. He earned my gratitude for his struggle, his victory and his impact on the hearts and minds of our nation's children of every color. Thank you President Obama.

10:32 PM, November 04, 2008  
Blogger Norman K said...

Wendy, thanks for sharing your story. I'm sure that Ashley-Paige will forever remember meeting Obama on Monday and our victory yesterday. My prayer is that meaningful change has come and that your children acheive their dreams in this new America.

8:41 AM, November 05, 2008  
Blogger George said...

I was looking for an email, wondering where your pithy response was, and I got an edit to your post that took me some time to recognize was there. While I feel your elation and am happy an apparently-qualified black man who did not trade on only or primarily his blackness has won, in the same breath, I am not happy because I do not share the political sentiments that he apparently espouses or will have to kow-tow to from the Hill, since they all will expect payback for putting him there. I say apparently because we just don't know. Some of the stuff he promised or was perceived by some to have promised? Whoa... Good luck! He has been masterful at being the person we projected on him during the last 21 months or so. I think he's not a liar, either, but what does it all make HIM (as the symbol of policy)? As an idea, the idea of not being limited because of race is great - the best and most important thing he comes to symbolize and a beyond-noble goal - it is simply the right goal as espoused by Dr. King. For that, I am happy beyond belief. It is not the color of his skin that makes me question whether he can do the job to the greater good. That's not even a question of character (questionable associations aside - just look at his family) but a question of policy. If you say it couldn't be any worse than the last 3 or 8 years, touche on 3 years (I can't get the accent there) disagree on 8, but be careful what you wish for... I know what I do not wish for, if you can't tell... All of that said, Obama's our president-elect, and I pray him success, I really do. I have my doubts, obviously, but he's in charge. Like my old boss used to say, don't [mess] it up. If he's anything like Mayor Fenty here in DC, who you couldn't have paid me to vote for 2 years ago and who will have my vote the next time (assuming he doesn't mess up badly in the next 2 years), I can at least rest a little easier if not be completely happy with the policies he will come to personify.

That's not why I am posting here, though. The fact that you thought enough to make the edit to that which I pointed out is all I needed. It throttled down on the hyperbole and let genuine positive emotion out - all by altering one word. Now I can disagree with you without saying, "What the...?!?" Thank you, my brother. Here's to hoping Hoover in this case still only refers to #31 and not to the action performed on our pockets in the name of a fantasy and that "the American Chamberlain" refers only to Wilt and not ultimately to something else. We are all Americans... well, at least Norm and I are, to all of our friends in England and elsewhere. :-) On that, we always do hang together.

For now, Happy Thanksgiving! Soon enough it'll be Merry Christmas! No need to be offended, all y'all. It's what we say.

(Exhale.) We'll get back at it on January 20 at 1:00 or so, unless he goes all Clinton on us and talks for hours (or Harrison on us and talk for hours in the snow), in which case we could start a little later. PEACE! And HAPPINESS to everyone!

Now, about those new tracks, Norm... Donde esta... No, wait, this is America... What gives!

-Numero Dos

8:42 AM, November 07, 2008  

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