Sunday, August 10, 2008

Shut Your Mouth! I'm Just Talking 'Bout Isaac

Sad news in the music world, Isaac Hayes passed this afternoon.

Most younger people know him as the voice of Chef on the infamous cartoon South Park. But he was an Oscar and Grammy winning performer who brought us the Theme From "Shaft" and a song I perform with some regularity, Hold On, I'm Comin'. Many folks don't know that he and his songwriting partner Dave Porter were responsible for many hits on Stax records in the '60s, including Soul Man and I Thank You for Sam & Dave. This was a seriously talented dude, who was also an inductee in the Rock Hall. Mr. Hayes was only 65.

Today was an exciting day for me. This morning, I was invited to perform the lectern duties (including the invocation and offertory) at church. It was kind of nerve-wracking, but thankfully, God got me through it with minimal missteps. It's wonderful and humbling to be involved and to serve that way. I hope that I'll be blessed with the opportunity again. Anyway, I hope that your Sunday is good and that the heat doesn't get to you!



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