Monday, June 09, 2008

Some Girls Are 30 Years Old

File under Music Appreciation.

An underrated (although big selling) masterpiece celebrates its 30 Birthday today. I'm talking about the Rolling Stones' Some Girls. One of the most exciting records put on wax.

I vaguely knew who the Stones were as a tot, but really couldn't tell you about their music. They weren't popular with my generation. Until Miss You. Oh, that groove, that falsetto, that sweet harmonica and a saxophone solo. Whoo! And disco!? I didn't know better. It surely represents a lot of what I'm after musically now.

I was a Saturday Afternoon roller skating fool at United Skates of America when I first really discovered the Stones. That was the Summer of '78. My favorites to skate to included Chic, Heatwave and the Stones!

I also remember muggy nights in Michigan rolling in my Dad's big old car and Miss You (or something from Steely Dan's Aja) would pop on and I'd be in music nirvana. And I certainly didn't know what they were singing about. In fact, later in the year, when Beast of Burden was released as a single in heavy rotation, I thought Mick was singing about courtroom drama. My Mom had recently finished law school, so the lyric I heard was "They never seemed to reach the verdict." I still think that would make a killer hook for a song. So I hear by claim it for copyright. Zap!

So right now, I'm digging Some Girls. If you've seen Shine A Light, the recent Scorsese doc/concert film starring the Stones, you know that tracks from Some Girls featured prominently. Shattered still reminds me of the weekend I spent in Brooklyn at my uncle Danny's. Dunno why, but it captured everything about NYC. And I probably heard it on the radio. I know for sure that I heard Emotional Rescue on that trip. But Shattered is brilliant in it's rock and roll decadence. "They got rats on the westside, bedbugs uptown!" Although, not at Danny's.

It also had the most distinctive album cover of my youth. Garish, bold and colorful, it was a fake advertisement for women's wigs and underwear with cut out faces, the band members peering from an assortment of faux-hairdos. I remember vividly seeing it at Meijer's Thrifty Acres, a precursor to Wal-Mart, in East Lansing. About the same time I first "noticed" tabloids. And who was on the cover? Mick and Bianca.

I didn't own a copy of Some Girls until the '90s, but I certainly had the Stones' greatest hits package Rewind, which had Miss You & Beast Of Burden. Of course, most of you know that I've covered Miss You for a long time. I'll have to dust it off for my Summer shows in honor.

So here's to the Stones and 30 years of a high-water mark in LPs. The disc is chock full of hits (I rate Miss You and Beast of Burden as two of the best singles ever), genre exercises and raucous playing. Exactly all a young man could want from Mick, Ron, Keith, Bill and Charlie.

Peace & Disco Beats


Blogger George said...

Of course, roller skating without Chicago's Streetplayer would render the Bucketheads meaningless... in an existential sort of way. Long live the Mick... no wait, that's what I was saying while watching Rocky Balboa. Could June 10 possibly have been a Tuesday 30 years ago? Some Girls is indeed the best of the Stones '70's output, top to bottom, start to finish... of course, in my humble opinion, they reached the zenith with Tattoo You... well after my parents had gotten old, despite the fact that they are younger than these Rocks. You should have seen their reax to all the overblown Boston coverage of the opening of the Biggest Bang tour at the Fens. Ugh. Hopelessly aged. Nay... seasoned. Anyhoo... Great disc. Great tunes. In the words of one CP offspring, "Dad, did Uncle Norm play where the Beatles once played?" Yeah, but he did 'em one better... he did it more recently. I believe it was that guy in the commercial who perfected what I'm about to say, only we mean it: "I love you, man!"

Peace and disco beats,
Numero Dos

7:49 AM, June 10, 2008  
Blogger DAVE said...

Ahhh..numero dos..I'm so glad you did not mention how you and Norman would play "Start Me Up" and coerce me into doing my awful Mick Jagger impression at your parties..oohh lawd, I think I just let the cat out the bag myself...damn!!
-Quatro..why, because it's Shick..get it..ha ha...

8:37 AM, June 10, 2008  
Blogger George said...

Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid was a solo track by Daryl Hall, produced by Dave Stewart, who produced music for Lily Was Here, which had Candy Dulfer on saxophone, Prince's sexy sax player of choice among many choices 4 many a year, Prince, who opened for those same Rolling Stones, which is the topic of this post. And no Mick impressions, please... not without a LOT of big boy sodas. Cat - Bag - Bag - Cat. Cat, please get in. Eeeew.

-Numero Dos

9:36 AM, June 10, 2008  
Blogger DAVE said...

The Rolling Stones, whose frontman is Mick Jagger, who starred in the movie "Freejack" with Emilio Estevez, who was once married to Paula Abdul, who is a judge on American Idol, where Prince perfomed last season's finale.

I could play 6 degrees all day long.

2:26 PM, June 10, 2008  

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