Thursday, April 03, 2008

Shining A Light

Hey all,
sorry I haven't checked in with a blog in a few weeks. Easter was a very happy and busy time. I spent almost all day at church from sunrise service on. The choir sang lots of great music and it was a real blessing having my Mom in town for it.

OK, here's the music news!

I was interviewed yesterday by
Folio Weekly from Jacksonville, FL. The article should be in print by the end of the month. The interview was short but sweet. It gave me a chance to talk about the place where my music career really began. For those of you from Northeast Florida, I even played at the legendary Einstein A-Go-Go, a CBGBs-type club out at the beach back in the day. So it was nice to reminisce about concert-going in high school and talk about making music today.

Last night, I saw the new Martin Scorsese IMAX movie "Shine A Light" starring the Rolling Stones (thanks, Jen). It was mighty impressive. Not to mention huge. The Stones looked and sounded great. Charlie Watts, of course, steals the movie with simple glances at the camera and with vintage interview footage. It's no wonder Ringo is the most beloved Beatle and Charlie is the most beloved Stone. There's something unassuming, yet hysterically funny about those drummers. You really feel like you are in the front row and on stage with the band; getting glimpses of non-verbal communication between the Stones is a treat. The older material that Scorsese intersperses between songs is wonderful. Were the Stones ever that young? And then, the guest stars are superb too. Jack White is having the time of his life duetting on Loving Cup. And Buddy Guy owns Champagne and Reefer, making Mick and Co. look like fresh young things trying to keep up. This is a must see if it comes to an IMAX screen near you.

Back to news about yours truly. I learned that
Soul Serenade on WICN, NPR outta Worcester, Mass, will be spinning a selection from A Talent For Loving. So tune in on-line worldwide or at 90.5 on your FM dial in the Boston area on Monday night, April 7 at 8 PM EST. Thanks to DJ Tom Shaker for digging my album.

All right. I'm done for now. Y'all have a blessed Friday!

Peace & Disco Beats


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