Monday, March 10, 2008

"A Talent For Loving" Added To Amazon

Hey y'all,
Amazon has added my CD "A Talent For Loving" as an MP3 download. And it's bargain priced at $8.99. And if you drink Pepsi, lots of Pepsi (this is not an endorsement of Pepsi nor its products), you could probably have it for free! Yet another way to get your Talent on!

Just a quick word about the Rock Hall honors tonight: Chic didn't get in. That's all that matters. I know... I can actually appreciate Madonna, Mellencamp & the Dave Clark 5 ("Because" is a really great single). But where on Earth is Chic's appreciation! Next year, Nile. So I can do the induction speech!

Have a great night.
Peace & Disco Beats


Blogger DAVE said...

Yeah..I'd pay to hear you sing "Le Freak (Freak Out)" at his induction ceremony..
Much props to the single being on Amazon..YOUNT !!!
-numero quatro

9:18 AM, March 13, 2008  

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