Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"A Talent For Loving" Goes Global On iTunes

My new CD has hit the internet with full force for your funk/rock/soul needs.
Just follow these links...

For all my peeps in Great Britain:
"A Talent For Loving"
is now available in the UK in iTunes!

For all my people in Italia:
"A Talent For Loving" is up on the Italian iTunes!

For all of the dancers in Japan:
"A Talent For Loving"
is for sale on the Japanese iTunes!

For all of the lovers in Belgium:
"A Talent For Loving" is there for you at the iTunes Belgique!

For all my soul stirrers in Deutschland:
"A Talent For Loving" is musik all the way live on the German iTunes!

And if you live in a different market from any of the above listed, be sure to check your iTunes, too. Thanks for your support. I really know you will enjoy the album. It's chock full of songs to move and soothe your soul!
Peace & Disco Beats!


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