Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Good Times: Nile Rodgers Is Alive And Well

Hey Soul Mates,
for me it's a day to raise a glass to toast Chic founder member,
Nile Rodgers on his 54th birthday. You know what a big fan of his I am. After all, I just framed Chic's album C'est Chic for my new art project (see previous blog).

Nile's work with Chic is part of the foundation of the Rush Hour Soul-thing. Le Freak is still in my top 5 of the most exciting songs of all time. And without Good Times, there would be no hip-hop for better or worse, depending on who you ask). But it's important for me to celebrate Chic, and especially Nile. He is the last surviving member of the fraternity that made up the group's core. Sadly, both drummer Tony Thompson and bassist Bernard Edwards are gone.

Nile also produced a number of artists' biggest hits, including: Madonna, Duran Duran & David Bowie. That ain't shabby. Of course, he is on the shortlist of dream producers for us to work with. I had an opportunity to meet Nile at a seminar and he was full of great stories about his life in music, including his early influences and odd musical acts he's worked with (the B-52s).

To learn more about Chic/Nile read my blog ("The Chic Choice") from
Oct. 28, 2005. This was my pro-Chic stump speech for their election to the Rock Hall. Didn't work, but maybe I'll dust it off and revamp it for this year's vote.

Happy Birthday, Nile!
Love, Power, Peace, Freak Out!


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