Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Locked In At #2

Hey Soul Mates,
last night, Indie Airplay's weekly broadcast featured our song in the top 5 once again. That's right A Talent For Loving held tight at #2 for the second week in a row. You can veiw their top 5 chart online. Be sure to listen to the free streaming broadcast of Indie Airplay! Special shout out to DJ Jennifer Wicks for the support.

Don't forget we have a show on Thursday at the Gig on Melrose. This is a FREE show with our friends Pillow Of Wrongness. The night is being presented by Finlandia vodka. Ah, the Finnish. Immediately after us will be the Mojo Girls Burlesque show. That's right. No stripping to the nothings, but there is stripping. Actually there's more stripping in our show than in the Mojo Girls' but we're equal opportunity.

All for now. Try to beat the heat in LA, try to dry out deep south.
Love, Power, Peace


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